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Through our extensive range of CrossFit classes, we dedicate ourselves to invest in your health and wellbeing, and to help you achieve your personal goals. We tailor every class to your experience and needs, completely supporting and motivating you through the process. Together we are better.

Strength & Power

Strength training supplemented with strict gymnastics finishing off with workout of the day. This class is all about Hypertrophy, Strength building and most importantly, form.

Experience level / Open to all levels


Olympic Lifting – This class focuses on the technique and strength building of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The class is then finished off with the workout of the day.

Experience level / MUST have completed a Foundation course or 121 coaching session focusing on the movements – please contact us by email to book.


This class has 2 parts. Firstly, we teach and drill all elements of gymnastics within CrossFit including Pull ups, Handstand walks, Muscle Ups etc. We start at the very beginning and break down each movement bit by bit so whatever level you’re at, there’s something for you to work on and perfect.

Secondly, we finish the session with a CrossFit Benchmark workout. This is a named workout set by CrossFit and is a great way to measure your performance. This will then be repeated in the coming months for you to compare and ensure you are making progress.

Experience level / Open to all levels


Spare 30mins at lunch time to kill? Get to the gym for a 30min metabolic condition session to get your heart rate up.

Experience level / Open to all levels

Mobility Flow

Mobility classes focused on specific stretch to aid recovery and strength in the gym. This is lead by our lead Yoga coach Katy Gant who also specialises in CrossFit & Olympic Lifting.

Experience level / Open to all levels


Want to just do your own thing? Practise a particular move, do some rehab or maybe you’re prepping for a competition. Open gym is available to everyone who is comfortable in a CrossFit gym setting.

Experience level / Open to all levels

Flush out Friday

After a week of training hard, let’s finish off with a nice circuit workout to flush the system! Either in pairs or as individuals, this is a fun high intensity workout that requires NO experience but will get your heart pumping.

Experience level / Open to all levels

Group Workout

The best atmosphere of the week. We break down into teams and work through a longer workout in relay or synchronisation. This includes all elements of CrossFit and is a great opportunity to work hard as part of a team.

Experience level / Open to all levels

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